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Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

50.000 people running in one race

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The idea for a World Run started with this:
I want to be able to run a race at the same time with my cousin in Canada.
Seven years later when the Wings for Life Foundation was born and needed an idea how to raise around the globe.

WP_20140503_017_klGeneral information

The event will be live all over the world and will start at 10:00 UTC. So it will be 12:00 in Austria.

The locations are all over the world, so during the run – depends on where you are – it will be cold, very hot, sunny, raining, snowing or you will be in complete darkness when you start. The tracks are 100 km long.

The catcher car (actually two for redundancy reasons) will start 30 minutes after the runners started with 15 km/h accelerating to 35km/h at the end of the track. After the catcher car passes a runner the running is over for him or her – it is the moving finish line.

The cars all over the world are different models but have the same equipment in it. They are tracked via GPS and are not automatically accelerated – a display shows the drivers to accelerate or brake. The Tracking System is an RFID-chip integrated into the race bib of the runners.

About 50% of the athletes are expected to get passed by the catcher-car within the first 20 km – so they are close to the start. There will be a bus shuttle system that will bring runners back to the start.

After the catcher car there is a so-called speaker car – it will tell the runners “yeah  <name>, you did more than 25 km – great job!”
(The catcher car passes the ID of the athlete to
the speaker car.)
Why? Because there is a moving finish line and therefore no friends and family can receive and congratulate you.

The national winner is the last male and female running in every country. There will be a male and female global winner.

About 200 people are in the global race control center working together to make this event happen. About 150 of them are only for publishing media – Facebook – Radio – Website – TV.

Let us know if you have any questions about the technical implementation of the run for more than 50.000 people, data collected and coming in from 33 countries and 34 locations worldwide …


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