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Zeit zum Brücken bauen
17 August 2016

Nicht nur in der Sommer- und Urlaubszeit sind Reisen in andere Länder im Gespräch. In immer mehr Unternehmen wird die Arbeit im internationalen Umfeld Teil des Alltags. Es wird Zeit zum Brücken bauen – Brücken, die ein miteinander Arbeiten erlauben. Es beginnt mit der Ausbildung. Brücke Deutschland – Albanien Durch die Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem OSZ-IMT, […]

Wanted: Global Problem Solvers
18 Februar 2016

Academy Day at Cisco Live in Berlin Life is not the number of days you lived, it is the number of days you remember … This is definitely a day to remember for students and educators, full of inspiring tech talks, examples to learn from, star wars, smart city solutions, understanding the skills needed for […]

Day 2: #CLHackathon Berlin
16 Februar 2016

#CLEur #CLHackathon #benetacad @CiscoNetAcad Inspiration : Ideation : Consolidation : Prototyping On day II prototyping starts with opening the box and getting the gear out – sensors, arduinos, more sensors … Theme: Urban Living – sharing and caring I had the pleasure to get to know the teams and their projects. Here is a short […]

A few minutes to Berlin Hackathon Opening
15 Februar 2016

#CLEur #CLHackathon #benetacad @CiscoNetAcad Last Advice from Marc & Eugene – Hackathon moderators Speaking with Marc and Eugene just before the official start Jutta: Marc, you and Eugene have a lot of Hackathon experience between the two of you already. Were they all the same or can you explain us what was different? Eugene: Yes, […]

It is our future
14 Februar 2016

#benetacad #CLAcademyDay #CLHackathon at #CLEur A memorable week ahead … Powerful. It is empowering to envision your future. It is on everyone to envision the future. Why? Because we will regret, if we do NOT do it. Here are the activities upcoming next week: 15. – 18. 2.2016 NetAcad Hack-a-thon Starts Monday at 13:00 at […]