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Fanprojekt Bochum fördert IT Fitness
29 Juli 2016

„Get Connected“ beim IT-Fitness-Sommercamp 2016 Die Zutaten für ein gelungenes IT-Fitness-Sommercamp vom 18. bis 22. Juli 2016 in Bochum Berufsorientierung IT-Wissen und Sport. Im Venova Ruhrstadion, der Heimstätte des Bundesliga-Zweitligisten VfL Bochum, nahmen rund 80 Jugendliche von 14 bis 18 an der vom Fanprojekt Bochum organisierten Veranstaltung teil. Ziel war es, den jungen Menschen eine […]

Prototyping in wonderful sunshine
7 Mai 2016

Day 2 #Netacad Instructor prototyping at the #openBerlin Innovation Center At the instructor hackathon in Berlin, we have the most wonderful weather you can imagine. Still we have 3 project groups whereas each team consists of 5-6 people. Today is the prototyping day and here are the problems and the proposed solutions selected during the […]

Reduced to the Max
6 Mai 2016

Day 1 #Netacad Instructor Hackathon at the#openBerlin IoT center The key qualifications for starting your career are not so easily defined any more as it used to be. Sounds like a platitude. If you take the time to think, how our life today looks like compared to 20 years ago … it becomes quite clear […]