Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Young Women’s Innovation Challenge

IoT challenge 2

A proven pathway to more innovative results and better solutions is

  • to gather ideas from a diverse group of people
  • get feedback from other disciplines and
  • ask the future users.

The Internet of Things will be changing the way we do things in everyday life.  This is why the IoT World Forum decided to start the Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge is a global innovation challenge open to young women between the ages of 13-18. The aim of the challenge is to recognize, promote, and reward young innovators as they come up with new uses for Internet of Things technologies.


IoT-Sig-v3-1 (2)

Round 1 Submissions Due: March 25th 2015

Round 2 Submissions Due: May 11th 2015


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