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What is Willkommenskultur?

Cisco awarded a special prize from the Great Place to Work organization for their #Willkommenskultur

“Willkommenskultur” can be translated as “culture of welcome”.

The AcademyDay was a day to remember for students and educators. There is another special reason for this:

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Cisco Germany was awarded a special prize from the Great Place to Work jury for its engagement and inclusion activities in the refugee crisis. They were selected as the best company in Berlin for their welcome culture and the integration of refugees into society and the labor market.

This is a result of the personal engagement of many colleagues, the partnership with NGOs and adult education institutions.

What does this mean practically?

Cisco employees helped refugees to get a better start here in Germany in many different ways with quick and straight actions:

Cisco as an employer supported all employee driven activities with an unbureaucratic attitude, giving program and monetary support.

THANKS to everyone
(representatives … )

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