Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Teaching others makes you learn

Veronika Klauzova’s studies at the Technical University of Košice in the Slovak Republic helped inspire her to become an academy instructor on her path to a technical career.

TU Kosice

Interested in why and how women get into Engineering I just came across the story of Veronika Klauzova, a student from the Technical  University of Košice who also teaches as an instructor, teaching Cisco CCNA courses at the same academy where she studies. 

“The students are always asking questions, which I’m not prepared for, so it makes me solve things on the fly. It is a bit time consuming, but worth it.”

She says that her interest in teaching was sparked when she explained her studies to friends. That interest grew further when she partnered with a group of like-minded students to pursue a self-taught Cisco CCNP course. Throughout the course, each student in the group taught a section of the curriculum to the rest of the group.

Throughout all my accepted roles and self chosen tasks and projects it was always beneficial for me to explain my thought, a concept or a topic to another person and lead to better understanding it myself. When teaching others about something new it is not only the subject you teach but also about the way how you connect it to prior knowledge of the learner so that the new  topics can really be integrated into a mind.

The most important point in supporting other people in their learning is to spark the motivation to learn. You need to ask the WHY question. A liking for a subject area can be detected early on in your childhood, become apparent later in your life or take a long time to emerge.

Klauzova has a passion for technology that leads back to when she was a young girl playing computer games. She and her friends began researching the technology behind multiplayer games and after an introductory course in high school, she knew she wanted to continue her studies with a technical focus.

It is great when people who really like what they do help in spreading the enthusiasm for a topic. It is personal stories like hers that help other young people to find their passion.


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