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International NetRiders coming soon
4 September 2014

The International NetRiders competition is coming soon. Get  ready for Thursday, 16 October 2014 Following participants have qualified for the international round of the competition and will take part in Europe: Austria Johannes Pinger, Florian Koehler, Alexander Krump – HTL Wien 3 Rennweg Bosnia and Herzegovina Damir Imamovic, Dino Begic, Aid Feukić – Faculty of […]

Summer Postcard
14 August 2014

Lifetime NetAcad Curriculum for Alumni Dear NetAcad Instructors! Dear Alumni! Another education year completed and the summer almost gone as well. 🙁 In Fall new phases of life will start, are you thinking about what will be next: more studies or maybe your first job? With that the question may arise if a former NetAcad […]

The NetAcad Team
3 May 2014

Cisco Networking Academy #netacad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun The NetAcad Team invited to come behind the scenes at Worldrun arrived in the Global Race Control Center in the middle of Austria and right away immersed into speaking with tech experts to understand how such an event can develop from an idea into reality. Here are our […]

March is bringing AINAC
3 February 2014

Networking Academy Conference brings together IT and Network educators from Austria and beyond It is already the 14. AINAC – Austrian International Networking Academy Conference – which will take place from Tuesday 4. until Thursday 6. March 2014 at FH Technikum Wien. The event, organized by the Cisco Networking Academy Community and the Ministry of […]

Fresh out of press: The Davos Declaration
27 January 2014

European Commission joins forces with companies to deliver over 250,000 extra training courses and thousands of new digital jobs 14 industry leaders joined President Barroso, VP Kroes and Commissioner Andor for a breakfast meeting on the morning of 27.1.2014 at the WEF in Davos. They agreed to give a big boost to the Grand Coalition […]

Crowd Translation
6 December 2013

The language of IT is English. If we want it or not, many IT terms are adopted into other languages as they are in English. Some words out of the IT world even are adopted as verbs in many languages. The most known example is: “to google”. Nevertheless it can also make sense to translate […]

So far and so close
11 October 2013

Visitors from China at the FH Technikum in Vienna The FH Technikum in Vienna started as Cisco Networking Academy in 2004 and offers IT Adiministration and Networking Technology courses within the scope of their study focuses. In a time when life becomes more connected every day the importance of Networking Technology goes far beyond the […]

Girls’Day in Berlin – 25. April 2013
30 April 2013

Cisco and Telekom trainees working together for a successful future of the girls For the sixth time in a row female students of the “Integrierten Sekundarschule Wolfgang Borchert“ school  from Berlin-Spandau came to the Cisco Office in Berlin to find out more about jobs and the work environment in the IT sector.  The Girls’ Day […]

Go Lukas go
22 February 2013

Lukas Hubschmid is representing Switzerland at the WorldSkills in Leipzig in Juli 2013 in Trade 39 IT Network Engineering. He was selected in his trade at the ICT-Young Professional Award which was sponsored by the Cisco Networking Academy Switzerland. The award led Lukas to an invitation to the Cisco Connection, the yearly customer event of […]