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Analog and Digital

Working with others when you do not know them, their backgrounds and have never met Today’s problems and issues are complex. To solve them we

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Crossing borders

What does sitting in an IT Essentials Course for teachers have to do with crossing borders? The participants are teachers from different subjects: English Language,

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2nd Day @Hackathon Milan

Cisco IoE Hackathon, Day 2 #IoE4SI — with Alexandru Radovici from Wyliodrin Six teams of Italian students  comprise of designers, engineer and programmers accepted the

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The era of cybercrime

20.11.2014 High Level Discussion at the 8. Cisco Public Service Talk 2014 in the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna Together with the Norwegian Ambassador Bente Angell-

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Crowd Translation

The language of IT is English. If we want it or not, many IT terms are adopted into other languages as they are in English.

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