Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Sustainable Circular Tech

Sustainable Circular Tech

There is a growing focus on sustainability and circularity to help our strained planet.

However, in the frenzy to create and recreate digital technological solutions, no one is paying any attention to the fact that these solutions in themselves are neither circular nor sustainable!

What does it take for the software industry to wake up, look inwards and clean house?

What does it take for the governments, academia and innovation hubs to wake up, look at the big picture and invest in the long-term?

It took us over 150 years to wake up to global warming.

We waited until it became a crisis.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take us as long before we wake up to the failing software technology. Let’s hope we begin work BEFORE it becomes a crisis.

Be deliberate.

Demand a better future with Sustainable Circular Technology,

Sally M Solaymantash

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