Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Something special

This is the feedback from Maximilian Lehrbaum thank you, Maxi. It was great to see how you integrated into the team as the youngest member. I found it especially courageous that you conquered your fear to be on a public video. Well done ! I am looking forward to collaborating with you in the future.

WfL_WR_3D_pos_webI really enjoyed this weekend at the Global Race Control. It was the first time for me meeting other student, which are part of Cisco Networking Academy, I never knew, that it is such a great community.

I think you can you learn much more, if you see the technology in use, that learning it in theory. Before I was a little bit afraid, because I never made anything public and I never met other networking people outside our school, but after this event I can say, that there is not really a big difference between each of us, because we all are interested in technology and networking.

The people were so nice and gentle and always tried to help us and answer our question. I think it was something special, because although they were all stressed and nervous they took time to answer us or ask us if we still have a question or need anything. Maybe next time we should keep more contact to the people who can help us making everything more public and publish it all over the world.

The best for me was that Alex from the timing team always came to us and asked if we need support and that Sigi took the time to tell us how this all started with an idea many years ago.

What I learned was that you can never avoid problems, you can only try to make them as improbable as possible, and that with a wider distribution more problems will come.

I am happy with the choice of my profession and this event confirmed this for me.

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