Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Technology in Action: Real World Learning

Real world examples for learning are essential. Especially when there is a complex context to understand. Additionally it gives you the possibility to learn how to work and interact in a professional environment.
At best this is in the form of company visits, project work, events or field excursions. Speaking to the people who actually work with the technology in the  specific setup is a very crucial part of the experience.

Therefore we focus on finding such hands on learning opportunities in Tech Industry and invite students and educator communities. Here is a unique opportunity

image_galleryIoEA glimpse into the Technology of Wings for Life World Run – Behind the Scenes

Thousands of runners will start running at the same time in 35 different locations worldwide. All runners will connected in ONE GLOBAL race. A moving finish line – the catcher car – will be collecting a massive amount of data real time, sending it to the global race control center in Austria where it is processed and published to the web for an international audience to watch live.

Our Invitation

We – Cisco Networking Academy, Cisco & Tiani Spirit – believe that this global race is not only an impressive venture, an interesting IoE Technology but also an event showcasing the power of connecting people.

We invite Cisco Networking Academy Students to be part of this event on 4th of May 2014.


Invitation to LEARNERS

YOU can come to Spielberg, Austria and want to be part of the NetAcad Team
at the Wings for Life Global Race Control Center – > APPLY HERE

YOU want to be part of the Global Reporting Team and
in direct communication with the NetAcad Team in Austria – > APPLY HERE

Why it would be cool to be part of this Initiative? YOU will be able to

  • shadow Networking and IT Infrastructure experts in real time
  • interact with the World Run Team
  • experience to be part of a global team
  • build professional confidence
  • share your ideas with your NetAcad peers
  • … feel the power of connecting people in a network  !!!
Many regards from AUSTRIA – LOOKING forward to reading YOUR email!


THANK YOU for being part of the Global Cisco Networking Academy Network


Invitation to Cisco Networking Academy Partner Organizations and Instructor Community
If you want to support this engaging opportunity of Real World Learning,
help us to promote this opportunity, TELL your students about it and MOTIVATE them to apply.



Cisco & Tiani Spirit believe in the mission of this global event and support Wings for Life World Run.

About the event in A Nutshell

CALL for participation: Technology in Action

CALL for participation: Global Reporting Team


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