Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Pinguine und Netzwerktechnik

penguinWhen I speak of penguins in our context, most of you will automatically think of the little penguin that is in the logo for Linux . As a network engineer and networking academy attendee, it’s good to know that you now have the NDG Linux Essentials free on NetSpace.

But I’m talking about the real live penguins that live in the Antarctic. I love penguins, the real penguins. No, more than that, they fascinate me. To be precise, I am fascinated by their social skills

When it’s cold, in the hardest time of the Pinugin – down to minus 45 degrees Celsius – then all cuddle close to each other. The outsiders are replaced again and again and penguins from the middle take over the standing at the outer edge for a certain period of time. Superior for all, they work together and protect each other. I admire it!

But only this one mode of behavior – there are many others – transferred to our human world, to the community or to companies … opens up interesting perspectives.

Yeah, well, what does all this have to do with networking?

Dirk Zimmermann actually works at the University of Wismar , at the Faculty of Engineering in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he is Cisco Networking Academy Instructor and one of the most experienced Instructor Trainer in Germany. He is currently on leave from his university for a year because he winters on the Neumayer Station in the Antarctic.

Really. He is in the Antarctic network administrator . He is an immediate neighbor of the penguins. Cool! Literally.

Dirk sends a message of greeting to the Networking Academy community , especially to all NetRiders preparing for the international NetRiders on October 16, 2014 .

[Youtube = http: // v = Ejnemzu4DwM & w = 420 & h = 315?]


And so I could tell about the real penguins today. Anyone who has not yet seen the film – The Penguins’ Journey – is highly recommended.


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