Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Penguins and Networking Technology

pinguinsIf I speak about penguins in our context, most of you will automatically think about the small penguin that is in the Linux Logo.  As networking expert and Networking Academy participant you will be happy to know that the NDG Linux Essentials are now available for you on NetSpace.

But today I am speaking about the real penguins that live in Antarctica. I love penguins, the real ones. They fascinate me. Their social competences impress me.

When it is cold – down to minus 45 degrees Celsius – thousands of them stand really close together and form one body. The penguins on the outer border are being replaced by penguins coming from the middle. They take turns and collaborate in the true sense of the word to protect each other from the cold so that the group can survive. Beautiful!

This one behavior alone transferred into the human world, into an ecosystem, a community or a company would give us a different perspective that would change our ways of doing things in a way which we can actually not yet imagine.

Yes, but what does all this have to do with Networking Technology?

Dirk Zimmermann works at the University of Wismar, Faculty for Engineering Science – Department for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor and one of the most experienced Instructor Trainer in Germany. He took a one year sabbatical to spend the winter at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica.

Yes, I am serious. He is the Networking Administrator in Antarctica. He is an immediate neighbor of the penguins.
Cool ! In the real sense of the word.

Dirk is sending a message to the Networking Academy Community, especially to all who are in the process of preparing for NetRiders.



Because of this really cool place to work I was able to tell you something about penguins today. If someone has not yet seen the movie  – March of the Penguins – I would warmly recommend it to you.


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