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Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Ivica Vugrinec: Upclose Personal


#NetAcad Team at Wings for Life #worldrun

Age: 33
Where do you live? I live Varazdin the beautiful little town in continental part of Croatia.
Education: Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin
Certifications: Cisco CCNA, CCNP in progress (attending Cisco CCNP academy), Cisco NetRiders Croatia 2013 Winner
What languages do you speak? Croatian, English
Current job: System and network administrator, City of Varazdin, Croatia


How do you study and learn? How do you motivate yourself?

I study and learn by attending the CISCO Networking Academy. I try to challenge myself by creating (designing) a problem and then trying to find the most efficient and elegant solution to the problem. Motivation has never been a problem. I also work on an ICT and networking projects for non-profit organizations. I donate my time and share knowledge but in return gain experience.

What did you find fascinating about Wings for Life World Run and what is your motivation to take part in it?

The opportunity to work in an international team, meet new inspiring people who can really make an impact, their incredible source of energy and passion for projects that they create.

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are gardening, cycling, reading and traveling.

What are your goals? I have a long term goal to obtain the Cisco CCIE networking expert.

Who are the persons who support you most? My family and friends.

What was the wisest thing anyone ever told you and what did it lead to?

When I was a kid I liked to disassemble all my toys. My father and mother did not like that. I had a toy that was almost impossible to disassemble without breaking. My grandfather then told me: “I you can’t do it by force – take a bigger hammer!” I really remembered that line. At first I thought that my grandfather allows me to break all my toys but he inserted a spark that led me where I am now.

This led to my own personal motto: You will fail at things, embrace that fact but don’t allow anyone or anything to stop you to explore the world. If you don’t succeed at first, change the view, change the tools, try harder and try again. Maybe it looks like just as a phrase but I really try to stick to it.

What was your best trip and why?

My best trip was to Microsoft Innovation Center in Bruxelles. It was a great trip where I met some brilliant people and innovating technologies. I picked up a lots of new ideas and over the years I tried to implement them.

Have you ever done volunteer work? If yes, what did you do? When was it?

Yes, I currently volunteer as ICT and networking support in local amateur wireless community. I also worked as a volunteer on 2009 World Men’s Handball Championship in Croatia.

Have you ever free-climbed a tree or rock?

Yes, I had grown up in a village. Before there were Nintendo’s, play stations, tables and internet there were trees, marbles, hide and seek games, Indians and cowboys… I really miss those days. My family owns a vineyard. There are dozens of apple trees planted. If you want that best apple on the top – you have to climb the tree. Yes, there is a risk of falling down, you will get scratched on the way but at the end nice red apple makes it worthwhile.

Have you ever cooked a meal (by yourself) for more than 20 people? Tell us about it.

Maybe not for 20 but I had large birthday parties in my families vineyard. All of my friends used to came over and we made ourselves some great tasting barbeques, pancakes… I hate doing dishes.

Have you ever had a pet?

I have a dog (Simba) and a Cat (called Šapica, “pawn”). Since I was a kid I always had a dog.

What sports do you do? Do you ski? I like cycling and tennis. I do not ski.

Have you ever worked in a “non mother tongue/second language” environment?

My job, Cisco CCNA i current CCNP exams would not be successfully awarded if a language (English) was a problem. I have no problem working in English talking environment. I do make a grammar mistakes. If i notice them I will try to crrect them but I am IT guy not a language purist. Don’t expect perfect English.

How do you look at failure or mistakes and is this how the society in your home country or work culture looks at it?

I had my fair share of mistakes and wrong judgments. I accept them and try to learn from them. I never cover for my mistakes. Mistakes are part of life. Repeating mistakes is not acceptable. People that don’t make mistakes usually don’t do anything.

How to build trust? What would you do to try to encourage someone you have begun to work with to trust you?

I work as a systems administrator. I usually have an access to lots of privileged information and data. I can betray this trust issue only once. To build trust you have to do what you say. Try to honor all of your promises. Try to speak from the heart. Aim to be objective and show fairness.

Can you share a festival or tradition of your family that you really enjoy?

Yes I really like the Spancirfest. Spancirfest (pronounced [ʃpaŋtsir̩fɛst]) is a street festival that is held every year since 1999 in Varaždin, Croatia, and lasts for 10 days. It begins at the end of August, and ends at the beginning of September. During these days Varaždin regularly hosts over a 100,000 tourists coming from all over Croatia and the surrounding countries. Varazdin inner ring is turned into an all-out entertainment zone. Concert stages, entertainment zones, shopping kiosks and eateries are erected and street performers, musicians, and all kinds of artists line the streets.

What kind of activity are you doing to relax?

I love gardening and working in our vineyard. Especially really like cutting grass!

How do you react if something is done differently to the way you are used to?

I have no problem with that. I work in local municipality where mayors are elected every 4 years. Politics change, procedures change, technologies change. Accept it, adapt and do your job. Try to learn something new every day and have some fun on the way.



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