Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Best practice in collaboration: IT meets Soccer

Cisco Academy IT-Bildungsnetz e.V. and the supporters clubs of VfL Bochum and BVB Dortmund invite pupils in soccer stadiums to learn at the place of their premier league heroes

10th of June 2014: lightning and storm. Bochum and Dortmund were hard to reach since their traffic infrastructure was affected quite drastically. This did not deter our young participants, who registered for the unique IT and soccer combination. They did not fail to appear for our eSkills Soccer Camp 2014 in Bochum and Dortmund the next day. Over 80 teenagers participated in the IT Soccer Camps, although the state government released a compulsory school attendance note for these days due to security reasons.

eSkills_2014-1    eSkills_2014-2

Was it a good idea to join the camp in their free time?

The combination of our program – learning about IT and sports combined with information about the soccer club and the stadium attracted the teenagers. They each completed three IT courses while using web tools for collaboration they had never seen before. Team work and collaboration were the topics in the sport sessions, too. The day ended with a tour through the places that would normally be filled with soccer stars: the soccer stadiums of VfL Bochum and premier league second best club Borussia Dortmund.

IT-meets Soccer BVB-Lernzentrum 2    IT-meets Soccer BVB-Lernzentrum 1

The objectives of the IT Soccer Camp are in line with the eSkills campaign from BITKOM and the EU Commission:
Showcase the opportunities of IT careers to young people entering into their vocational careers.
eSkills are necessary in all future career.

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