Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Crowd Translation

pitfaallsThe language of IT is English. If we want it or not, many IT terms are adopted into other languages as they are in English. Some words out of the IT world even are adopted as verbs in many languages. The most known example is: “to google”.

Nevertheless it can also make sense to translate learning material into a local language. It depends on the people who will use the teaching and learning material. The IT  Essentials Curriculum from the Cisco Networking Academy Program is such a case. The learning content would be useful to a broad audience in vocation and general education and the translation into the national language supports its dissemination among school types and levels.

Thanks to the association IT Bildungsnetz, we are happy to soon have a German version of the IT Essentials 5.0 curriculum.

We were just informed that the first six chapters are about to be finished. So you can all imagine what mammut task we are looking at

489.278 Words in 1.291 Documents

Huge Thank You ! We salute you ! Wow !!!

The contributors

  • BBS Lingen – Bernd Kelker
  • Berufskolleg für Gestaltung und Technik der Städteregion Aachen – Peter Schmücking
  • BZTG-Oldenburg – Bernd Janßen
  • Carlo-Schmid-Schule, Internationaler Bund – Karlsruhe – Herbert Pitz
  • Eduard-Spranger-Schule Freudenstadt – Oskar Fien
  • IT Bildungsnetz –Vanessa Verstegen-Häntsch, Tobias Koeppel, Veronika Lietz
  • Kompakt e.V., Kassel, Philip Schmidt
  • Medienpädagogisch-informationstechnischer Berater (MiB) für die Realschulen in Unterfranken,
    Bessenbach – Martin Römpp
  • Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm– Joachim Pfister
  • Staatliche Technikerschule Berlin – Stefan Platzek
  • TA Weilburg – Rainer Weigel
  • TGBBZ Völkingen – Fabian Wuillemet
  • TGBBZ1 Saarbrücken – Siegfried Wenzler, Sarah Frank, Birgit Weyand

Special thanks to Oskar Fien, Peter Schmücking and Bernd Kelker, who worked on the translation of chapter 5 and 6 with their entire classes.

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