Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Pitching Ideas

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The IoE Creathon for Social Good was organized in Riga in parallel to the eSkills Conference on March 12th and 13th. It is a kind of hackathon (48 hours of intense work from an idea to a prototype) open to all students from all background with all types of competences.

It is an event that stimulates creativity and innovation, using new tools and methods, fostering and fueling creativity in everybody (organizers, helpers, partners and jury included) involved.

Students worked in teams and had to come up with ideas – in a very very short amount of time !! – where the innovative use of technology enhances public services. The event lasted 1,5 days. The end of the competition was a 5 minute pitch explaining their projects aiming to convince jury members that their idea is the best.

The Teams

Impatient team 
Long waiting queue for medical specialists in Latvia sparked the idea of a screening device to collect data about your health status with sensors so you can know when you really need to go to the doctor.

Lonelyness is something we all know, but it is also a feeling we are able to track and possibly manage. People with Moodwatch can mentor others and get mentored by other when one feels lonely.

solves the question: How can we help people who need help in their daily life? by creating local networks of volunteers and professionals who come and help you with tasks at hand.

Something from nothing
aims to create electricity from used water to help overcome the energy crisis in rural India. As a community owned initiative the produced electricity is used to light one room per house.

The jury

  • Giuseppe Cinque – our Netacad IoE product manager
  • Davis Plotnieks- head of a Latvian Social Business Incubator
  • Janis Grabis – head of the RTU IT department and
  • Leo Truksans – Netacad instructor and head of the IT department at University of Latvia

The judging criteria were the level of innovation of the project, the economic viability, the potential positive impact on society and the quality of the presentation.

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