Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

DayOnNeBasel 2018

Going where the talents are

Innovation Panel at DayOne Basel 2018Here is an image from the inspiring panel with Andreas Wicki & Bram Stieltjes from the University Hospital Base. It was though provoking and critical, talked about failure and how to not waste 75% of budgest on planning to at the end – loose the engineers who were just getting started on working on the project due to Marketing changing their mind.

Panel Discussion with Luiza Dobre – Komed Health AG, Enkelejeda Miho – FHNW, Okan Ekinci – Roche, Gunnar Krüger – Siemens, Katie Rizvi – Association Little People, Navid Govind – Aventyn, Dismus Mashet – ConnectMed

IT experts, Digital +1 experts and Digital Change Makers are the people who are the fuel for driving digital transformation. Smart organizations have understood that they need to go where the talents are! You find them in places like the DayOne conference in Basel about thinking the Future of Digital Health.

In most cases these IT enthusiasts are humble, knowledgeable and extremely competent people who can get things done, use their experience to answer your questions to have a foundation you can base your decisions on. They are not the ultimate sellers of themselves, standing in the spotlight or bragging about their successes.Dolors Ambrosio Oria

Digital Talents are interested in creating solutions for our society. At the DayOneBasel about 400 participants went into the hands-on task to help 23 digital health startups answer crucial questions.

Talking to Dolors Ambrosio Oria, expert on data privacy of medical devices and expert with years of experience in supply chain management = Digital +1 Expert was very interesting.

IT experts are the new rockstars – delivery by Rockstar Recruiting AG Zurich


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