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Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Fresh out of press: The Davos Declaration

P8318830European Commission joins forces with companies to deliver over 250,000 extra training courses and thousands of new digital jobs

14 industry leaders joined President Barroso, VP Kroes and Commissioner Andor for a breakfast meeting on the morning of 27.1.2014 at the WEF in Davos. They agreed to give a big boost to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and endorse the Davos Declaration.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs supports ICT skills for ultimately sustaining European competitiveness.

Partners: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, SAP, Telefonica, and a range of industry and civil society associations.

Great to see is that the Pledges are not just promises but the progress on their implementation is tracked – you can check out the status of each initiative on the pledge tracker.

Join the momentum and hit the drums !

Hashtag: #jobs #wef14 #Davos #GC_EU


Press-release Davos Declaration

274.000 open ICT Jobs in Europe

How it began …

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