Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Felix Hartung: Upclose Personal

felix#NetAcad Team at Wings for Life #worldrun

Name: Felix Hartung
Where do you live?
Austria, Vienna
HTL 3 Rennweg, Vienna
CCNA (+Security),  LPI Level 1, MCTS 60-642, VMware DCV Associate (working on Prof.)
What languages do you speak?
German, English

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How did you find your interest for Networking? Why do you like it and wanted to learn about it? Do you want to work in this profession? What was the role of Cisco Networking Academy for you?

I always wanted to do something with computers – my first idea when I was 14 was to program computer games (because I liked playing very much). I began an IT education and in the second grade I realized that programming games won’t be my future because networking was much more interesting for me. I don’t like graphical stuff, I much more prefer a dirty black-white console. Through my school and the networking academy I was able to learn for my CCNA + CCNAS.

How do you study and learn? How do you motivate yourself?

I study… by just beginning to study a topic and almost never look at the clock =).  I  only have to begin – that is motivation enough =).

What did you find fascinating about Wings for Life World Run and what is your motivation to take part in it?

The idea of the whole event – worldwide, all at the same time and that the finishing line comes from behind =)

Why are you interested in connecting and working with people from different countries and backgrounds in an international team?

Because I possibly want to work internationally – or just have the possibility. And of course – learn new things and get to know new ways of thinking.

What are your hobbies? Ballroom dancing, horse riding, COMPUTAH

Who are the persons who support you most? What did they help you to achieve?

My parents. When I repeated one class they just said: “Dear Son, start learning or get a job!”. I decided to start learning, which was the right decision 🙂

What was the wisest thing anyone ever told you and what did it lead to?

Everything you achieve and claim here on earth will remain here when you die – that are all only toys. The only thing you can take with you are your insights.


How to build trust? What would you do to try to encourage someone you have begun to work with to trust you?

Every relationship in any form begins with giving – give something and be thankful for what ever comes back =)

Can you share a festival or tradition of your family that you really enjoy?

The Hartung-Family-Day. Every Christmas we take out our calendars and plan a one-time a month meeting of the whole family for the whole next year. At this particular evening we just have dinner and talk. Otherwise we would only see us at some birthdays and Christmas because everyone has its own life.

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