Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Extraordinary engagement leads to extraordinary achievements

Felix Hartung wins Skills Austria and Medal of Excellence for Austria at the Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig

The Networking Academy HTL 3 Rennweg in Vienna is one of the Higher Technical Schools offering IT and Networking Administration as a study focus. This type of school is unique in its kind and offers a connection between theoretical education and practical knowledge. A HTLs prepares students to work in industry by working with instructors coming directly from industry in cooperation with companies from the region. They value the experience from industry, build their educational programs on the basis of their needs and allow students insights and direct contact to the working world that awaits them after  the completion of their education.

Felix Hartung chose the study focus Information Technology and Network Administration at HTL 3 Rennweg. His instructor Prof. DI Schöndorfer engaged him in several projects for the improvement and maintenance of the school’s IT infrastructure. As his final year project was approaching he decided to lead a group of 9 students in the project called School network Troopers. The School Network Troopers were created as a Junior enterprise with a team of IT and Network administrators supporting other schools in their operation and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. This project was awarded the first prize as a JUNIOR enterprise by the president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce 2012.

He then decided to participate in Skills Austria and won the 1st prize in Salzburg in April 2012. This was his entry ticket to the WorldSkills competition in Leipzig 2013 where he won a Medallion for Excellence for this performance. The supporting expert was Dr. Franz Winkler from the TGM, another HTL and Networking Academy in Vienna. He coached and mentored Felix not only in technical aspects but in the mental skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

We congratulate Felix for his outstanding performance and achievements during his education, military service time and now at his job at the Federal Ministry of Defense of Austria.


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