Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#NetAcad taking part in the Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun

I am Kevin, I was one of the five people of the Cisco Networking Academy Team, who attended the Wings For Life World Run event, at the Global Race Control Centre in Spielberg, where I was able to inspect the technology used for this event.

When I received the e-mail asking me to attend this event, I saw the event was special. I had never heard of a run which used this concept of catcher-cars. I knew it was a special event where I needed to take part of. It was a really interesting event and I will tell you exactly why.

The event was international. The event was held in 33 countries, and I was able to be right in the Global Race Control Center. Every country was connected to the Global Race Control Center. I was able to interview important people who made the project a reality and gain more knowledge about how such big scale events are organized.

I was in a team of 5 people. There was me, my Belgian classmate Nathan, Felix and Maximilian from Austria and Ivica from Croatia. It was an international team. I found that everybody had a lot of interesting things to tell to each other. I learned new things from the experiences of my teammates. We all were interested in different parts of the project, which was great. This way, we had more insight on the project.

My focus was mainly on the technology used by the timing team (GPS positioning and data sending) and the RFID system used. Everybody took the time to show us how they made everything and tell us how everything works behind the scenes. They were all so enthusiast about their work. Everybody used 200% of their focus in order to be able to realize this big project. They managed to find team members who are all excited about the project, this is what I found really inspiring. In the end, it really was a success and it will be even better next year.

I learned that it is truly possible to gather team members who are all so excited about the project. It was a beautiful thing to see. It was very interesting to see how they dealt with problems. I learned that when you work in such a big scale event, everybody knows there will be a problem somewhere, but they do not know where. There have to be measures already in place in order to prevent such a problems. When the event is so big though, it is very hard to implement prevention measures everywhere. Handling the problems in a calm and efficient way is very important. Everybody has to know what to do in a specific situation. Every possible problem has to be considered before the start of the event.

I am really happy to have been able to attend this event and I would love to attend it again next year!

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