The currency of Networking Academy
9 April 2015

“Money makes the world go round” seems to not work for an increasing number of organization. As a non-profit organization or CSR department of a company it is just not that simple any more.

What is the “currency” of a non-profit that allows you to prove the value of your service or product to the stakeholders funding what you offer?


The term describing such a context used in business theory is indirect profitability.
Who ever the partners are: the people behind
:: funding,
:: producing and delivering,
:: benefiting
are not the same.

Our Cisco Networking Academy program is an almost 18 year old educational program based on the pillar of partnership.

How do we make sure that what we supply is of value for you?

The funders defined the currency of Cisco Networking Academy by the number of

  • enrolled students
  • assessments taken (validation of above).

Assessments are embedded learning activities that are interspersed throughout the course, they are designed as learning tools to encourage students’ knowledge discovery and their use verifies the interaction of learners with our resources. Each item and activity aligns to a specific course competency and is built with the curriculum in collaboration with instructors from the global Networking Academy community.

What we monitor?

We monitor volume and types of assessment used, we analyze pass rates for each assessment item (and correct the statistics to filter out the ones that already have the answers) to identify areas challenging to students,
we want to know how you and your students use the tools we provide … with the goal to make sure that what we supply is what you need.

Why do we monitor?

NetAcad uses assessment data to make improvements at the student, classroom and academy level.

The use of assessments or the absence of use is a statement for us we want to understand and react to.

How we measure the (positive) impact of our actions is a topic that is not defined to this context. It has become a challenge in several levels of society and economy. I personally believe that learning about the effectiveness of the systems used to govern our societies and economies can only happen through more transparency about their real impact. It all starts with making all effects visible.

How do you use Networking Academy resources?
Are you enrolling your students?
How do you use assessments in your learning context?

Are you open for a discussion?

Contact me any time …



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