TechImpuls - Technologien Erleben

The discussion about missing experts in IT and other industries which requires a STEM education just does not stop. If you participate in the discussion about the attractiveness of professions to our youth, you will start reflecting about abilities, competencies and skills and their importance as a result of the learning process. Depending on if […]

Passion working @ IoE Hackathon
2 February 2015

It was really nice, interesting and exciting to meet and work with you at Talent Garden in Milan. Thanks for putting the passion into all you do. I enjoy seeing and supporting ideas developing and how the parents of these ideas grow with them. After the Hackathon is actually not the end but the start […]

2nd Day @Hackathon Milan
27 January 2015

Cisco IoE Hackathon, Day 2 #IoE4SI — with Alexandru Radovici from Wyliodrin Six teams of Italian students  comprise of designers, engineer and programmers accepted the challenge to build an IoE based solution addressing the challenges Education faces. Regular expert check-ins with professionals focusing on hardware, software, programming, business modelling and collaboration support the teams from […]

Invitation to the Academy Day in Milan
16 January 2015

Are you a student dedicated to inspire your own future? Do you want to learn about how the Internet of Everything is influencing jobs? Would you like to hear industry innovators discuss how technology will be rapidly changing how we work, live, play and learn? Join us for this special day at Cisco Live! Dear […]

Young Women’s Innovation Challenge
9 January 2015

A proven pathway to more innovative results and better solutions is to gather ideas from a diverse group of people get feedback from other disciplines and ask the future users. The Internet of Things will be changing the way we do things in everyday life.  This is why the IoT World Forum decided to start […]

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