Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

Der Blog, der Technologie erlebbar macht.

At the Site of Action

Am Spieltisch

ASC Meeting = Exchange thoughts, bundles forces and be able to do more together

IT-Bildungsnetz, the association of ASC Academy Support Center of the Networking Academy in Germany invited to the ASC-DACH-Meeting (Academy-Support-Center-Conference for the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to come to Berlin. Meeting locations was a site of action.

At one of the sites: at the OSZ IMT – the Oberstufenzentrum für Informations- und Medizintechnik in Berlin, a Networking Akademie with more than 1.000 students and very soon their own accredited Pearson VUE test center where students can do their Cisco CCNA exams.

Lecture visits showed impressively what students at the OSZ learn and most importantly how it is taught. Enough impulses for exchange of experiences.

The meeting fosters exchange of information and experiences while at the same time allowing the identification of potential cooperation capacity. The diverse nature of requirements and possibilities of an ASC in the Cisco Networking Academy Program needs a competent and efficient handling of tools, ingraining and positioning their own activities in the complex system of the NetAcads. The conference program offered diverse topics as well as possibilities for discussion and thought exchange.

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