Hello, Hi and Hey!

I started this blog some time ago. Why? Because I got to know inspiring teachers and educators in tech with incredible stories, that no one tells, that needed to be written, to show the workd the people side of technology. The benefit technology brings us.

It is not about technology – yes, dah ! I know it is really exciting and we can build so many things. I fully understand. But it is even more interesting what we can do with technology. For me it is about enabling people to solve the problems of our societies with technology, so everyone benefits at the end. This blog wants to speak about the why using a certain technology and the benefit it brings us.

I need a team of bloggers and tech freaks, who are fully onboard with my motivation, who think just the way as I do. The ones that are determined to write the exciting articles with faszinating stories about what tech does for people and how it benefits the users. We should be able to experience technologies! Everyone should be able to understand what a technology can do and see the benefit (and the not so good side) it brings to humanity.

Which competencies do you need?

A lot of experiences in and with small and large companies, industries, technologies and application areas lead me to share my knowledge in the faszinating World of Technology. Technology is all around us, always and everywhere.

Everyone has an interesting viewpoint from using technology him or herself. If you are able to write a story about it,  if you are interested in sharing and learning from other, you are in the write place.

For our readers: Sit back and enjoy the journey.


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