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Recent blog entries

Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß
27 February 2018

„Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß“ ist seit der Antike ein geflügeltes Wort. Erstmals benützt von Cicero so einige Jahrzehnte v. Chr. sagt er damit nicht, dass er nichts wisse. Vielmehr hinterfragt er das, was man zu wissen meint. Dieser Philosophischen Frage sich anschliessend kommt auch noch dazu, dass Wissen bekanntlich ja vergänglich ist. Insbesondere […]

PT Challenge going live
20 January 2018

What is PT? These abbreviations … really hard for people who are not in this Techie World yet. It is just like a independent language, people you are new to this world just do not understand. A shame because we actually need them in this world IT Skill Gap, and it will be hard to […]

Julie on the road – meet William
22 November 2016

I met Julie Chrysler a couple of years ago because of work. We were colleagues at work. Most of all we are just on the same page with our passion about innovation, collaboration, co-creation. We love connecting the dots to bring people together for a greater impact. Julie is currently on the road traveling in […]

Tsunami of Learning
1 November 2016

Are you playing the gipfelspiel.de ?   The gaming platform yeepa initiated a Tsunami of Learning in German schools since yesterday: 200 school classes registered online by teachers in the mobile knowledge competition about Information Security. Additional 900 pupils registered themselves and played 7,500 multiplaying games with 40,500 questions. The main gaming time was in […]

Analog and Digital
19 October 2016

Working with others when you do not know them, their backgrounds and have never met Today’s problems and issues are complex. To solve them we need to cross borders across professions, languages and cultures. There is no simple way. Technically this may seem easy. I agree. What many of us do not consider is that […]

Keep the ideas flying
18 October 2016

Teams and Ideas from Berlin Bratislava and Rome The very first time a Creathon happened across borders. At the same time in 3 cities. Hard work, complex logistics and lots of minds working together before, during and after this Creathon. All ideas are highly valued, we hope the ideas live on. We applaud all of […]

Ideas cooking
17 October 2016

After a full day of technology introduction Internet of Everything, Businesss Model Thinking, Expert Checkpoints and timed presentations, brainstorming rounds lead by Julian from MakeSense we are now just finished the idea pitches between Berlin, Bratislava and Rome. “Very intensive Day – fascinating” from Rome “Really appreciate that we were able to meet people from […]

You have 200 volunteers
17 October 2016

… how would you solve your problem? It is not an easy task to collect ideas, from the best to the worst ideas … brainstorming is not simple. It is really important to go for quantities of ideas first. There are about 3000 raw ideas needed to get one successful product or service. Tomorrow at […]

Breaking physical realities
12 October 2016

Beyond the physical borders of a room in Berlin, Bratislava and Rome On Monday a group of young people will start working together to create ideas for issues and problems of our society using technology. In three rooms in Bratislava, Berlin and Rome – they will have 2 days to brainstorm, research, check into the […]

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